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Kelp: Setup your first trading bot on the Stellar Network (

Automated trading systems and trading bots like Kelp, are a quite an important concept in the financial markets, specially in the Cryptocurrency space. When you are trading any type of assets on a decentralized or centralized exchange, there is a chance that a trading bot is the one dealing with your offer. Strategies can be used across different exchanges (inter-exchange) or within one exchange (intra-exchange). Trading bots are becoming very popular specially for companies that are looking into having a better control over the liquidity of their order books by automatically generating orders based on predefined set of rules using a particular trading strategy. Currently Kelp supports only the Buysell Strategy, but you are free to setup your strategies using your own code.

The main goal of setting up a trading bot is to possibility a more liquid order book. In this blog I will explain what Kelp is and will provide a high end tutorial about setting up a Kelp bot using Ubuntu Windows Subsystem for Linux V2, so you can start testing your own trading strategies.

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December 15, 2021 by scobiform

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